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Are you looking for a proofreader and need assistance with the proofreading of your publications? Please contact us.

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Why tool-e-byte?

Our company offers the possibility to support you in the field of proofreading, especially if you are a publisher. Our focus lies on compliance with grammatical, spelling and typographic requirements. We have a large pool of employees with different backgrounds and experience. All employees have either a degree in German Studies and/or are native speakers and therefore possess the necessary know-how.

Flexible and adaptable!

We support you both online i.e. directly on your system and “offline”, i.e. you send us the texts (e.g. in Word) and we send the corrected texts back to you in the format you require. If you prefer to receive you proofread documents directly on paper, we can add correction marks, scan them and send them back to you in electronic form.

We are there for you, 365 days a year!

Thanks to our international orientation, we offer proofreading 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thus, allowing us to support you around the clock. If you have an online editorial team, you can have your texts checked in advance by our proofreaders, immediately and at any time. This helps you to respect publication deadlines. In addition to German proofreading, which is performed in Bosnia and Peru, we also offer our services in other languages such as Serbian, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

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